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Memorable Animals in North Carolina News – 2022 in Review

North Carolina news about animals can be bizarre, and a bit concerning. Perhaps having no state-wide law prohibiting private citizens from owning exotic animals is the reason. But not all the animals making headlines are exotic, some are just local wild animals in unexpected places or farm animals on the run. Did events in 2022…

My Top 8 Most Memorable Foods from the 1970s

Still digesting my holiday leftovers, I’ve been thinking of all sorts of popular foods from the 1970s, when they were often marketed as healthy, cool, and exciting. The catchy jingles on television had me asking Mom to buy canned ham, marshmallow paste, and caramelized popcorn. While these items are still made now, I will always…

7 Underappreciated Pumpkin Achievements in the Guinness World Records

Every October the national TV news announces the heaviest American-grown pumpkin. This year, an 1161-kilogram (2,560 lb.) pumpkin named Maverick and grown by Travis Gienger of Anoka, Minnesota won the North American record. But this continental winner was no match for the world’s heaviest pumpkin weighing 1,226 kilograms (2,702 lb., 13.9 oz.) and grown by…

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