My Top 8 Most Memorable Foods from the 1970s

Still digesting my holiday leftovers, I’ve been thinking of all sorts of popular foods from the 1970s, when they were often marketed as healthy, cool, and exciting. The catchy jingles on television had me asking Mom to buy canned ham, marshmallow paste, and caramelized popcorn. While these items are still made now, I will always... Continue Reading →

Swim, Eat, Bolt – a Little Waterfowl Drama at the Pond

Walking around the local pond, I wasn’t expecting much when I sat on a bench under a tree. Turtles slowly surface to pop up their heads for air, while their bodies stay submerged. Schools of tiny fish play near the surface, occasionally splashing the water with circular ripples left behind. Then, the waterfowl arrive. And things get interesting.

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