The Night Visitor – a Tale of Two Cats

A loud, pained howling sound woke me up. It came from downstairs. 3:00 a.m. I ran and expected to see my cat in a medical crisis. What I found was her head between the vertical blinds, looking out the sliding glass door. She made that horrible sound again. Why was my spayed cat caterwauling? I… Continue Reading →

Swim, Eat, Bolt – a Little Waterfowl Drama at the Pond

Walking around the local pond, I wasn’t expecting much when I sat on a bench under a tree. Turtles slowly surface to pop up their heads for air, while their bodies stay submerged. Schools of tiny fish play near the surface, occasionally splashing the water with circular ripples left behind.

Then, the waterfowl arrive. And things get interesting.

sun shining on ocean and beach

Virginia Beach and What the Tide Brings

Going to the beach on a cold, midweek early morning, before all the schools had gotten out for the year, meant a beach largely to myself. A perfect time to explore the shoreline as no one was brave enough to be swimming or playing near the water. What I found both enchanted and repulsed me…. Continue Reading →


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